MegaClust is a service allowing complex analyses of flow cytometry datasets

MegaClust is a service allowing companies to analyze their flow cytometry datasets. It results in the exhaustive and unbiased identification and characterization of cell groups across samples, i.e. cells sharing similar phenotypes, which is key for downstream analyses (e.g. stratification of individuals). MegaClust sample merging enables complex analyses that require sample comparisons.


  • Identification of cell groups
  • Individual stratification in a cohort and insight on the stratification at the functional level
  • Functional information on mechanism of action and pharmacodynamics thanks to the analysis of variations in cell subpopulations upon combined stimulations and candidate treatments.

Key features

  • Developed and operated by experts
  • Unique data merging approach enabling cross sample analyses and accurate report of each identified cell group
  • Integrated analysis platform consisting in :
    • A software implementation of the MegaClust analysis algorithm that is optimized for massive parallelization
    • An IT infrastructure consisting of 1’500 processors
    • Multidisciplinary expertise required for optimal data analysis (ranging from software engineers to biologists)
  • Flexible analysis workflows designed to be easily and quickly adaptable to the specificities inherent to each dataset
  • Works on “anonymised” data
  • Multiple reporting formats ranging from PDF summary reports to detailed Excel sheets.

Main advantages

Compared to traditional manual data processing, MegaClust has the following advantages:
  • No human bias
  • Unrestricted multidimensional analysis thanks to the use of all available information
  • No a priori assumptions about the data
  • Designed to handle very large sets ( >5 M events)



MegaClust is developed and copyrighted by SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and its exclusive commercial representative GeneBio.
Access is subject to the licensing conditions outlined in the GeneBio License Agreement (PDF).

Please contact us for further details.

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