Release Notes


  • Full support for high mass accuracy instrumentation using a high mass accuracy scoring

  • Improved performances for the chromatograms and spectrum viewer

  • Filters for MS level and polarity

  • Bug fixed to handle spectra with no precursors information, with negative m/z and intensities


  • Extended spectral and compound annotations

    • support for polarity, precursor m/z, msLevel, CAS numbers and synonyms
  • Faster analyses
    • "SmileMS submission module" offers greater productivity by performing automatic data submission to SmileMS from Thermo Scientific Xcalibur and Bruker Data Analysis software
    • improved handling of memory during identification and library creation
  • Enhanced PDF exports
  • New library management features
    • library list and details pages have been improved
    • possibility to “delete” a spectrum from a library
    • opening details on a library is faster
    • library creation from a mzXML file
  • Improved administration system management
    • owner column added in Profile manager page
    • new checkboxes to activate/inactivate RT and m/z filters
    • possibility to define a default format and default profile for each user
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 bits version)


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