Our Products

Making the most of our scientists' know-how in proteomics information generation and management  our products are developed to enable our clients and partners to bridge the gap between information gathering and knowledge generation. Not only do we offer products and services developed through our own expertise, but we also promote other valuable products developed by renowned academic institutions and commercial companies.

Small Molecule Software


SmileMS is an intuitive, reliable and versatile software for the identification of small molecules by mass spectrometry for fast routine analysis and in-depth research. Already used successfully in Clinical and Forensic Toxicology as well as Food Testing, it is also designed to be applied in fields such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Metabolomics. With an innovative, robust algorithm, SmileMS offers an efficient software solution which is compatible with different MS instruments and multiple spectral libraries.

Proteomics Software


Melanie provides powerful and innovative solutions to shorten the path from data acquisition to protein information, both for conventional 2-DE and DIGE gels. The superior spot detection and matching algorithms facilitate the extraction of statistically valid differences between groups of 2-D gels, while requiring minimal user intervention and therefore speeding up analysis time. 


Phenyx is a software platform for the identification and characterization of proteins and peptides from mass spectrometry data. Phenyx is specifically designed to meet the concurrent demands of high-throughput MS data analysis and dynamic results assessment.

Protein Databases

Swiss-Prot, PROSITE, SWISS-2DPAGE and SwissSideChain

GeneBio provides access to the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics' comprehensive annotated databases: Swiss-Prot, PROSITE, SWISS-2DPAGE and SwissSideChain. 

Flow Cytometry


MegaClust is a new service allowing companies to outsource the analysis of their flow cytometry datasets.