Our Partners

GeneBio's continued desire to capitalize on human expertise can be seen in our never-ending quest to seek strong partnerships with leading academic and commercial organizations that allow us, while concentrating on our core innovations, to provide more comprehensive value-added solutions to our customers.

While retaining sizable internal resources, we attempt to keep expanding our external assets and furthering our collaborative network.

We work closely with renowned academic institutions, notable the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the R&D group of the Clinical Pathology Department at Geneva University Hospital, on upstream research that allows us to stay at the cutting edge of proteomics innovation. We also maintain close partnerships with leading market players, including Bruker Daltonics, AB SCIEX and GE Healthcare.

Together with promoting our products, these partnerships help to further our understanding of the proteomics market and the adequacy of our products within such a highly fluid environment.

The increasing rise of the Asian proteomics market encouraged us to enhance our presence in this region of the world. Along with the opening of our Japanese branch, we have spent a great deal of time on the downstream commercialization and market positioning of our products with companies such as Hitachi Software Engineering and KOOPrime, among others.

sibSwiss Institute of Bioinformatics (July 1998)
The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) is an academic not-for-profit foundation that brings Swiss experts in bioinformatics together and provides high quality services to the national and international scientific community. Members of the SIB include research groups in Geneva, Lausanne and Basel. The SIB expertise is widely appreciated and its services are used worldwide by researchers in cellular and molecular biology.

bruker daltonicsBruker Daltonics (September 2002)
Bruker Daltonics is a leading developer and provider of innovative life science tools based on mass spectrometry. Bruker Daltonics also offers a broad line of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) detection products for defense and homeland security. Our association with Bruker enables us to provide research scientists with continuous, efficient and up-to-date technology in proteomics.

AB SciexAB SCIEX (February 2011)
AB SCIEX is a global leader in the development scientific instrumentation, software and services for the life science, clinical research and industrial markets. Previously operating under the Applied Biosystems/MDS Analytical Technologies joint venture, the company now operates as AB SCIEX within the Danaher Corporation offering technologies that are used in drug discovery and manufacturing, food and environmental safety, and clinical research. A co-marketing agreement was signed with AB SCIEX for SmileMS small molecule identification software for LC-MSMS.

ge healthcareGE Healthcare (January 2003)
GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies that are shaping a new age of patient care. GE Healthcare's expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring and life support systems, disease research, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies is helping physicians detect disease earlier and to tailor personalized treatments for patients. GE Healthcare offers a broad range of products and services that are improving productivity in healthcare and enhancing patient care by enabling healthcare providers to better diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, and other conditions.

genedataGenedata (October 2005)
Genedata transforms data into intelligence with a portfolio of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, which spans target, lead and biomarker discovery. Used by a majority of the world's top 50 pharmaceutical companies and leading research organizations, Genedata PhylosopherR, Genedata ScreenerR, Genedata ExpressionistR and Genedata AnalystR make research data accessible and understandable, enabling scientific discovery that fights disease and improves health worldwide. Founded in 1997, Genedata is privately held, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, and offices in Japan, Germany and the US.

current science groupCurrent Science Group (March 2005)
The Current Science Group is a group of independent companies that collaborate closely with each other to publish and develop information and services for the professional biomedical community and for the consumer market. Our products run the gamut from books and journals to websites, databases, maps and audiovisuals, and cater to clients as various as physicians, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, patients, students and the general public. The Group has its head office in London (UK), with additional offices in Philadelphia, Hoboken and Tel Aviv.

hitachisoftHitachi Software Engineering, Ltd. (June 2005)
Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 as the first software development company in the Hitachi Group and we are now among the leading IT service companies in the industry. We mainly deal with basic software for mainframe computers and large-scale systems and networks for government agencies as well as the financial, insurance, and securities industries.

Over the past 30 years, we have enjoyed steadily increasing success, pursuing our goal of becoming the industry's leading company. We have also established international leadership in Multimedia Technology, GIS, Bio Informatics Products, and High Level Security Software both in the US and Europe.

kooprimeKOOPrime Pte Ltd (June 2005)
Since 1996, a group of scholars, researchers and IT professionals have been working with one of the largest pharmaceutical giants in the world to develop a system to enhance overall productivity in pharmaceutical laboratories. KOOPrime Pte Ltd was established in 2000 as a result of this endeavour. KOOPrime is the leading provider of IT products and solutions for the biomedical industry. This is made feasible via its workflow-agent platform (KOOPlatform) that integrates components dealing with Data Collection, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Data Visualization.  Systems delivered are Cross-Platform, Cross-Language and Cross-Domain. KOOPrime has operations in the US and also an established presence in Asia, in particular Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and India.

genologicsGenoLogics (May 2006)
GenoLogics is the leading provider of an open integrating platform and bioinformatics solutions that help life science and pharmaceutical laboratories, specializing in the field of proteomics ans systems biology research, to manage, integrate and analyze enormous volumes of scientific and lab data to advance health science research and drug discovery. The company's mission is to provide solutions to accelerate the prevention and cure of diseases such as cancer.

Sage-N_ResearchSage-N Research (May 2006)
Sage-N Research, Inc. is an industry leader in developing high-throughput, easy-to-use integrated data appliances, including the SEQUEST® Sorcerer protein identification system. The company has developed proprietary technology based on novel software methods and hardware-optimized pattern matching algorithms. Through strategic collaborations with leading scientists, Sage-N Research advances the state of the art in ease-of-use, applications, and technology to enable world-changing discoveries in biology and medicine.

InsilicosInsilicos LLC (September 2006)
Insilicos LLC develops life science software for pharmaceutical development, biological research and clinical diagnostics.

Proteome_SoftwareProteome Software (May 2007)
Proteome Software is a leading developer of proteomics software tools. Passionate about developing software that enables cutting edge proteomics research, Proteome Software's Scaffold is a powerful and easy to use MS/MS meta-analysis package. Scaffold is designed to help proteomics researchers validate, visualize, and share their data. Proteome Software's mission is to enable proteomics research that will foster science and medicine for this and future generations.

ISBInstitute for Systems Biology (September 2007)
The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is an internationally renowned, non-profit research institute headquartered in Seattle and dedicated to the study and application of systems biology. Founded by Leroy Hood, Alan Aderem and Ruedi Aebersold, ISB seeks to unravel the mysteries of human biology and identify strategies for predicting and preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS. ISB's systems approach integrates biology, computation and technological development, enabling scientists to analyze all elements in a biological system rather than one gene or protein at a time. Founded in 2000, the Institute has grown to 12 faculty and more than 200 staff members; an annual budget of more than $25 million; and an extensive network of academic and industrial partners.

ProtagenProtagen (May 2008)
Protagen is a leading provider of products, services and software solutions for protein research. Operating internationally to provide customers with products and services of the highest quality, Protagen has offices in Dortmund, Germany and New Jersey, USA. The Company has a decade of experience in applying the most advanced protein research tools and techniques to improve the efficiency of the drug discovery and development process.

NonlinearNonlinear (June 2008)
Nonlinear strives to solve the challenges in the fields of Proteomics and Biomarker Discovery. This comes from a core strength in developing innovative, high quality data analysis solutions. The product range includes analysis software for 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels, Mass Spectrometry (MS) and LC-MS as well as tools for multivariate statistical analysis. The revolutionary SameSpots technology is unique to Nonlinear. It transforms the ability of what can be achieved with proteomics - providing faster accurate quantitation, enabling cross-lab reproducibility and making robust reliable statistical analysis available to everyone. Nonlinear sells and supports its products through its UK headquarters and its USA office, as well as a global network of partners and OEM resellers.

ProxeonProxeon (October 2008)
Proxeon is an established provider of innovative products focused towards the proteomics market. Taking advantage of core internal competencies, Proxeon develops products and solutions that fulfil the need to enhance performance, solve technical challenges, and thereby accelerate the proteomics workflow, from sample preparatioin through to data interpretation.

In the field of mass spectrometry, Proxeon nano ES ion sources are used in over 700 laboratories, and the company is one of the world's largest suppliers of nano ES emitters. The company's EASY-nLC™ for nanoscale chromatography in LC-MS is the system of choice for several major MS suppliers. ProteinCenter™, a unique tool for rapid data interpretation after protein identification by conventional search engines, is used increasingly in proteomic laboratories. The company's products are used in leading academic and industrial research laboratories throughout thte world. Established in 2002, Proxeon is headquartered in Odense, Denmark and has sales operations in the USA and Europe.

IntegromicsIntegromics (September 2009)
Integromics develops state-of-the-art IT solutions for Life Sciences (Genomics and Proteomics) in two strategic areas: data management/integration and intelligent data analysis. Over the years, the company has developed a network of collaborations and partnerships with leading industry and academic organizations to provide complete technological solutions that enable scientists to make new discoveries from their research data. Integromics operates globally in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA.